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Hair Salon in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Located in Jackson, Wyoming, Champú Salon is one of the area’s premier spots for professional haircare and beauty treatments. Established in 2005 as Mimi Hair and Body Care, the salon operated out of Blooms & Greens Flower Shop, providing both beauty services and flowers to the Jackson area. The popularity of the salon eventually led to the conversion of the space into a full-service salon and in 2011 current owner Shara Buday, a member of the original staff, bought the salon from her sister and rebranded it as Champú Salon. Under Shara’s visionary ownership Champú has continued to grow into one of Jackson’s most fashionable salons, offering clientele the latest in hair and beauty trends within the unique mountain locale.


Shara Buday, Owner & Master Stylist

As the salon owner and founder of the Champú brand, it is Shara's vision and style that define the identity of Champú Salon. With a natural gift for color and a passion for styling, Shara has been helping clients achieve their ideal look since she joined the industry in 2001.

After developing her career in Boston for four years Shara moved to Jackson in 2005 to become an original staff member of the salon, then known as Mimi Hair and Body Care. In 2011 Shara bought the salon from her sister and established Champú Salon, with a goal of becoming the area's premier provider of haircare and beauty.

Today, Shara's vision continues to grow the salon and has allowed her to achieve her dream of owning a salon brand that is completely her own, while continuing to provide clients with the excellent service they've come to expect.

Olivia Black, Hair Stylist & Colorist

Olivia began her professional styling career eight years ago. Olivia has just relocated to Jackson from Alabama. She loves to enhance her guests natural beauty through blonding, styling, and hair cutting. But one of her greatest loves is building relationships with those in her chair.

May Gezzi, Hair Stylist & Colorist