At Champu Salon, we use only the most advanced professional brands to preserve and strengthen the health of your hair, including Pureology, Moroccanoil and SURFACE. Each of these lines is also available to purchase in-store so you can achieve your salon look at home. Our stylists are professionally trained in each of they product lines we carry and are always available to help you choose the product that is just right for you. If we don’t have the specific Pureology, Moroccanoil or SURFACE product you are looking for we can always order it in for you. Stop by today for a product consultation or to re-stock on your favorite product.

Created especially for professional colourists and their clients, Pureology is a salon haircare brand unlike any other. The highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos and the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® help colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use, while the 100% Vegan, Dual Benefit Formulas provide custom care for every hair type.

Pureology Systems

Hydrate ®

For dry colour-treated hair

Pure Volume ®

For fine colour-treated hair

Precious Oil ®

For rough, dull, brittle colour-treated hair

Reviving Red ®

For red/copper colour-treated hair

Essential Repair ™

For distressed colour-treated hair

Super Smooth ™

For unmanageable colour-treated hair

Perfect 4 Platinum ™

For colour-treated hair with 4 or more levels of lift

Colour Stylist ™

For radiant style and colour

SURFACE was founded on the knowledge that organic, sustainably harvested ingredients maximize product performance while improving the health of people and our environment. This vegan product line is formulated with organic botanicals and is free of sulfates, gluten and parabens to ensure superior hair health with the highest level of all natural treatments. As the hair industry begins to move toward a more sustainable and natural foundation SURFACE will continue to revolutionize the movement and raise the standard for haircare that is centered on personal and environmental health. As a family owned corporation, SURFACE is committed to giving back to the community, providing all natural, organic ingredients for their products, and minimizing their carbon footprint with environmentally friendly packaging.

Surface Systems

Trinity Strengthening

Repair damage, strengthen and protect while imparting luxurious condition and shine. Cationic Vegan Proteins of Amaranth, Keravis and Soy maximize repair.

Bassu Hydrating

Moisture, control and soften to restore health and luxurious shine. Babassu, Aloe, Flax Seed Oil penetrate with moisture renewal.

Awaken Therapeutic

Strengthen and rejuvenate thinning hair and relieve dandruff and psoriasis. Botanical Extracts decrease DHT while Anti-Aging mineral ferments aid cellular renewal and Vegan Proteins strengthen emerging hair. Guaranteed to see a difference within 30 days!


Maximize condition, colorlock and shine with styling products that leave your hair feeling touchable. Sugars, Corn Starches and our Tourmaline Kiyoseki Crystal Fusion provide a resilient, humidity-resistant hold with an anti-static finish.


Cleanse, condition and tone with multi-purpose products designed specifically for men. Natural oils, proteins and antioxidants provide deeper cleansing, exfoliation and rejuvenation.

SURFACE Pure Blonde

Your blonde locks will forever be in awe. Deep purple Maqui Berry and Moringa Oil create the perfect tinted base to counteract brassy tones, nourish, deliver shine and protect your hair and it’s color from free radicals.


A line of products specially designed for hair thinned by damage. The PRO FIBER range creates a long-lasting effect of thickening & strengthening of the hair fiber. PRO FIBER leaves the hair feeling healthier and shinier.

Brunette Toning Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner set is formulated with the first-ever blue-green toning complex to instantly banish orange/red tones in brunette hair. The effects of color fading, sun damage and residual oxidation can leave brunettes with a combination of both red and orange brassy hues. Well, not anymore! PRAVANA is ready to reveal your best brunette yet with an exclusive, highly-pigmented blue-green formula that instantly neutralizes those unwanted tones and banish all that brass.


We only treat your hair with products that maintain and strengthen the integrity of your hair. That’s why we’ve chosen premium color lines that will allow you to achieve the long-lasting look you want without damaging your hair. Each of the color lines we carry is free of harsh chemicals and odors that can compromising the health of your hair. When you get your hair colored at Champu Salon you can be assured you’ll leave with strong, healthy and beautiful hair.

Known to hair industry professionals as the caviar of color lines, INOA’s Oil Delivery System technology uses the power of oil to truly maximize coloring action with a minimum concentration of damaging agents, leaving hair smoother, softer and shinier than before coloration. And, developed to deliver uniform and exact results, INOA optimizes scalp comfort with an ammonia-free and odorless formulation. With 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition delivered to your hair post-color, you can feel great about leaving the salon with long-lasting INOA color and healthier hair.

Learn more about INOA

Pravana’s premium and versatile ChromaSilk color line provides top performance and color vibrancy. With a full range of 101 permanent, low-ammonia colors that employ a proprietary blend of keratin amino acids and pure silk protein, Pravana ChromaSilk colors provide lasting protection, added strength, and unparalleled shine. Let us help you achieve your ideal hair color with Pravana ChromaSilk, or get creative with the stunning colors and shades offered by ChromaSilk Vivids or Pastels.

Learn more about ChromaSilk, ChromaSilk Pastels, and ChromaSilk Vivids.

Formulated without ammonia, DIA is a demi-permanent haircolor. The Richesse line produces a rich and deep color with exceptional softness and an ultra-shiny, reflective result using the latest advanced alkaline technology that is ideal for natural or color-treated hair. The Light line uses gentle acid technology that is ideal for color-treated or sensitized hair, and results in luminous tones with exceptionally even color. The DIA line provides maximum potential for flexibility and creativity while leaving the hair cuticle soft, smooth and shiny.

SMARTBOND is a new protective and strengthening service, specifically designed to improve your color. SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor), leaving hair soft, touchable and strong!

The ultimate color service upgrade, we offer Olaplex to dramatically reduce breakage during color services. Called “hair color insurance” by some, we recommend Olaplex not only to prevent damage, but to help our clients achieve the hair color they’ve always dreamed of but never been able to have. Olaplex helps sustain the structure of the hair and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. Ask for Olaplex to be added to your color or highlights to dramatically reduce breakage and make your color last longer. Pricing dependent on service.

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If you have highlights and are looking to soften your regrowth, the Goldwell New Blonde Treatment is perfect for a naturally refreshed blonde. It removes darker, unnatural-looking regrowth and soften the contrasts.


Borboleta is committed to providing the highest quality eyelash extension training and products that produce beauty-defining results. Borboleta lash extensions are catered to each individual and their desired result. There are varying lengths, diameters, and degree of curl so you achieve just the look you want for as long as four weeks.

The go-to lashes for celebrity make up artists, and the top lash artists around the world, Sugarlash is famous for their consistent curl, elegant taper, and softness. Instead of being perfectly round, Sugarlash Signature Flat Lashes are oval to give a thicker look to the extension without adding additional weight and have a wider bonding surface area to hug the natural lash better for ultimate hold. Sugarlash Flawless bond adhesive uses magnetic technology to attract the natural lash to the adhesive for a better bond that holds up to 8 weeks (double the amount of time of most all the glues out there). Sugarlash is available in different lengths, diameters, and degree of curl.